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Esse poema fez com que a poeta, Nimmi Ramanathan, um sócia nossa, ganhasse primeiro lugar em um concurso internacional de poesia, o “THE BEST POEMS AND POETS OF 2005”.
Parabéns pelo lindo trabalho, Nimmi.

Mocking birds in may
Nimmi Ramanathan

Listen to the silence said the dying man
Let speak and bring you peace.

I heard a voice call may name
And map the world for me
This is life I cried!
Something in me died
As l chased my dreams.

I raced to the mountain top
Triumphant l stood at the peak
I won and you lost
This is all l seek.

Summits are lonely
And the wind blows cold,
How many years can you
Grasp the laurel
And grow old?

The silence met me
On the way downhill
And laughed all the way
Like mockingbirds in may
Then the world grew still
And l, weary of it,
Had only time
To write my will.


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